Vibration Analysis & Balancing

Know Better Alignment

In-Place Dynamic Balancing

It is proven that precision in-place dynamic balancing leads to increased machine life, lower vibration, increased seal life and greater Mean Time Between Failures. Unbalance currently accounts for nearly half of all machine failures.

Integrated AVS LLC can help by providing in-place balancing services for our customers. Integrated AVS will arrive at your location with state of the art technology and experienced highly trained personnel. Following the balancing operation, a complete vibration analysis of the machine will identify any other problems that may exist with your machine’s components such as:

  • Bearing Defects
  • Gear Wear
  • Misalignment
  • Bent Shafts
  • Foundation Degradation

A comprehensive report detailing what was found, what was done and the machine’s reliability condition will be issued. Additional recommendations may also be included to further help you improve the machine’s condition.

The bottom line; if your machines are properly aligned and balanced, you have just decreased the likelihood of a failure, sometimes by as much as 90%.

That means YOUR bottom line improves!

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis Integrated AVS LLC can arrive at your site to perform a detailed vibration analysis on one machine or all machines in your entire plant. State of the art measurement equipment and over 3 years of experience combine to provide the absolute best service available today. Most importantly, the professional who collects the data will be the same professional that performs the analysis and issues a report on the findings and the recommendations for improvements.

Just as important, if a defect is identified you will be notified of the problem prior to the technician leaving the site. If the problem is unbalance or misalignment; your service professional will be ready to immediately correct the problem immediately. This is just another way we provide the superior service capabilities you need to help keep your plant up and running at peak efficiency.

The Above Spectrum and Time Waveform Show Gear Mesh Vibration on a Gearbox

The Above Spectrum and Time Waveform Show an Unbalance Fan Rotor (2188 rpm). Additional Peaks labeled in the Spectrum are 2X Belt Speed (921.77 rpm) and 1X Motor Speed (1792.4 rpm).