Roll Parallel Machine Geometry

Know Better Alignment

Conducting precision Roll Alignment is a specialized skill requiring both a theoretical and practical understanding of geometry, alignment and parallelism, and the consequential effects on production machinery. Integrated AVS LLC is available for contracting these types of specialized, onsite alignment services.


Paper, Steel, Fabric, Tissue, Film, Non-wovens, Plastics, Glass, Laminates, Printing, etc. Benefits from precision alignment of the rolls:

  • Precision roll parallel measurements and alignment helps prevent product wrinkles, tracking problems, tear-outs and operator headaches.
  • Often, the production speed can be increased following precision laser roll alignment.
  • Speed, accuracy and reproducibility of the laser system is unequalled with optics, piano wires, etc.
  • Measurements are taken in a fraction of the time required by other methods and are documented as they are taken. Live adjustments allow quick positioning of the rolls.
  • If your offset line is incorrect, the software allows instantaneous reference of changes.Now that immovable roll can be the new reference, without re-measuring or adjusting the laser system.


Horizontal and vertical parallelity of rolls

ABOVE: Roll parallelism has a direct impact on the paper transportation. Compensation is made by adjustable rolls, but severe misalignment can result in wrinkles and breakages at the edges.