Turbine Internal Alignment

Know Better Alignment

The Importance of Gas and Steam Turbine Alignment

Plant operators are continuously looking to reduce costs and shorten outage durations when they occur. Efficiency, reliability, and availability, always the watchwords of power companies, are being stressed. Plant maintenance has become more important than ever.

Conventional Methods of Turbine Alignment:

Traditional alignment methods for turbine applications involve tight wires, oil-filled cans, feeler gauges, optics and sound micrometers. All of these methods come with the additional complication of long measurement distances. Such methods are sensitive to nearby vibration and often require halting work in the area. They provide adequate though not always precise accuracy and routinely take a tremendous amount of time to perform well.

Given our ever-growing demand for power, insistence on the shortest outages under any circumstances, and more competitive power markets, an easier, faster, more accurate method of alignment was needed. It arrived in the form of laser alignment services by Integrated AVS, just as turbine efficiency is becoming ever more instrumental to profitability.

Alignment with Integrated AVS Laser Alignment Services

Today' s advanced laser alignment services can reduce the time required for gas and steam, hydro and even wind turbine generator alignment by 50% and above. What's more, these services afford a dramatic increase in accuracy as well. Turbine efficiency can improve dramatically as a result. Turbines aligned with a laser system has significantly less vibration and run faster. After precision laser alignment, a turbine at shutdown can take several times longer to stop rotating than it did beforehand.

Advantages of Alignment with Integrated AVS Laser Services:

  • Less sensitive to vibration
  • Accurate to one part per million
  • Results automatically appear on display screen
  • No manual calculations
  • Measurement data transfers to evaluation software on PC
  • Maintain power production of surrounding equipment

Integrated AVS LLC provides other specialized services:

  • Bearing pedestals
  • Continuous laser monitoring and thermal growth
  • Couplings of all kinds
  • Diaphragms
  • Frames
  • Glands
  • Inner and outer casings
  • Plumb of vertical hydro turbines
  • Shaft straightness & flatness
  • Turbine centerline tops on and tops off
  • Turbine Casing Flange Flatness Mapping

All services include complete documentation for quality assurance and compliance.